Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Destination Wedding Ever

I'm home again, and not so happy to be that way. It's hard to blend back in to reality after such a fantastic trip. And to think I had such low expectations of it. When A.M.C. and I set off for Nashville we had no idea what we were in for. So you've heard about Day 1 of the trip. Not such an auspicious beginning. But from there, it only went up. We went to Boulder that night for the bachelorette party. T. was supplied with a list of about 10 embarrassing things to do, which she completed cheerfully. She danced with the street performers, asked a random guy for his number, and sang a Disney love song to A.M.C., among others. We ate on the rooftop of this great Mexican restaurant, and got dessert from the Rocky Moutain Fudge Factory. There was a hilarious fire juggler, and we got periodic updates on the bachelors, who apparently went paintballing without protective apparel. Smart, guys. After getting our fill of the Boulder nightlife, we went back to the condo, where the maid of honor had reserved a party room. We quizzed T. on her knowledge of P., and then went hottubbing. Question, if a group of girls descends on a hot tub, clearly having a bachelorette night, do you stick around? No, you gracefully exit. Unfortunately, a few people in the hot tub didn't get that memo. It's okay, we ignored them.
We crashed at the condo that night, and got up the next morning ready for a 3 hour drive to Steamboat Springs.

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