Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in Town

I headed back to Tuscaloosa today, thinking I would get settled into my apartment a few days before I had to report to band practice. I stopped in Gardendale on the way, got my hair done for the big game, and then met my friends L. and M. in Gardendale for lunch. I ate so much at Logan's!!! It was delicious though, and since the server saw our Christmas presents on the table, she brought other servers over to do the birthday thing. Which at Logan's, by the way, is embarrassing even for that type of episode. Let's just say a restaurant-wide "Yeehaw" was included. We had so much fun catching up though, it was the first time we've gotten together all break. L. gave me a beautiful picture frame, and I had just the photograph to go in it.

This photograph now has pride of place among my other cherished mementoes, like the keepsake from Chris and Mary Lindsey's wedding, and the mangowood vase that E.O. brought back from Thailand as a gift for me.

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