Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interning at Bryant High School

I've been so blessed in my placement this semester! My cooperating teacher is so wonderful and supportive, I'll have the opportunity to learn so much from her. I'm about two weeks in to my internship, and I can already tell that I'll love teaching as a career. It's been a change, making the switch from college time to high school time, but it's worked out pretty well. The first day I observed each of the classes, and introduced myself, and the second day I jumped in and started doing the starter activity with each class. After that, my teacher let me start doing the literary devices for 2nd block and the rhetorical devices for 3rd block. I taught my first full day last Thursday! It was a pretty easy day, 1st block had a test and 3rd block had a timed writing essay, but I did have the chance to read and discuss Act 4 of Macbeth with 2nd block. It was an interesting experience. It's such a change to go from participating in college level classes to teaching high school level classes. I love it though. :)

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