Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Semester in Pictures

I'm officially done with my first semester of graduate school!!!  I just finished writing the conclusion to my last final paper, a seminar paper for my eighteenth-century class.  I've already emailed my Teaching Comp. final, and I'll turn in the other two tomorrow morning.  Phew!!!  I've never been done with finals before Finals Week actually started!  It's a nice feeling!

Here are a few pictures to contextualize my grad. school experience.  :)

These are only the library books, for one paper.  :)  

This is the most practical use they were put to.  (The picture quality is horrible, so like a good English major, I'll describe it in words.  "A leaning tower of books, of exactly the right height to allow my laptop to be level with the printer in my entertainment center.")  Don't judge my prose, I just spent 7 hours finishing a paper about letters in the eighteenth-century novel.  The fact that I'm still writing in Standard English qualifies as a miracle.  Seriously, tell the Pope.  

Wait, where are the rest of the pictures?  Oh yeah, I was too busy writing to take any.  :)

Christmas Break, here I come!!!

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