Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From Fall to Spring...

Isn't it funny how we just sort of skipped winter this year in the South?  I barely had time to transition through my winter crafting phase (knitting and crocheting) before I started getting the urge to begin my spring and summer craft projects.  I always prefer to knit warm, textured things when it's cold and sew with smooth, cool, fresh fabrics when it's hot.  

I've been wanting to try hand quilting for the longest time, so on the last day of Spring Break I pulled an ancient work-in-progress out of the depths of my closet and finally got up the courage to start.

I decided to keep it as simple as possible, so I'm outlining the lover's 'knots' and the setting triangles.  

My stitches aren't completely even, and they're certainly not tiny, but for a first try I'm pretty happy with it!

I also put the final stitches in the blue Churn Dash block and decided on a setting for them.  I really like them on point, and I picked up some white muslin for the setting squares the other day, so hopefully I'll start putting the quilt top together soon!

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