Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Mornings with Mallory

So I realized at 5:28 this morning that I was absolutely NOT going to be able to trick myself into going back to sleep.  Accordingly (and begrudgingly), I seized the opportunity of catching up on my reading for the day.  Luckily, Pamela was next to me (yes, I sleep with my books, at least it's not a teddy bear... Who am I kidding, I sleep with Mr. Bear too) so by 6 a.m. I had finished and even gone beyond the reading assigned for today!

Welcome back, productivity.  I missed you.

The high was almost too much for me, so I hopped out of bed, grabbed my binder of articles for the same class, and read McKeon's "Historicizing Patriarchy," which amazingly did NOT put me back to sleep (it must be noted that I returned to bed to read, so really double kudos to me).  I even notated it with ideas for the article review that I have to write by Thursday.  Woohoo!

By now, it's 7:45, and I think to myself, "Hey self!  Get your run out of the way!"  Because yes, I have given in and started training for a 5K.  Appropriately, it's the Crimson Couch to 5K Initiative that the Wellness Department initiated for overweight faculty and staff.  

I especially needed to run today, since last night I ate this.


And now I'm telling you all about it on my blog, after which I fully intend to go and continue being productive!  

Thank goodness!!!

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