Friday, October 1, 2010

Ruffles and Stripes

I needed a creative outlet today, so after relaxing for a while at home I started surfing my google reader to see what was going on in blogland.  I have a few quilting/sewing blogs that I love to follow (maybe I'll list them at the bottom of this post) and I found this awesome Ruffled Rosette Pillow at the Moda Bake Shop.  

I wasn't sure though, that I wanted to commit all of my brand new jelly roll strips to the project before knowing how it would turn out, so I decided to make a mini pillow to test it out.

I made all of this up on the fly.

I didn't have any elastic thread on hand, so I improvised with some embroidery floss that I zigzagged over, then tugged on the ends to create the gathers. 

I did use the Ruffled Rosette Pillow tutorial to make the rosette and attach it to the striped top.  

I ran out of purple right as I got to the center, so I decided to add a fun burst of orange!

Wait, what's that color I hate again?  Oh yeah...

Kind of liking the finished product.  Definitely nixing the orange next time though.

It could use some work, but for a test product, not bad!

Posie Gets Cozy (sewing and crafting, also some great recipes if you look closely)
Bearpaw (quilting and crafting)
Attic24 (crocheting)
Linen and Raspberry (quilting and sewing)
Quiltsalott (quilting)
rose hip (sewing and crafting)


  1. Very nice Mallory. I LIKE the orange... ;o)

  2. Mallory, Mallory, Mallory....
    When are you going to make my microwavable heating pad? :)
    Love, Your Dear Aunt Janice