Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finished Project!

I've finally finished a project!  And sure, it's the smallest project I had going, but still!  Finished!  I recently decided that I should give knitting another shot, and with the help of creativeyarn, and a few online videos that I linked to in this post, I was able to make...


And yes, I did make a matching set, but the other hand was occupied holding the iphone. :)

Now to give  you an idea of the scope of as yet unfinished objects that I really will have to attend to eventually...

This afghan wannabe, which I really despair of ever being interested enough in to finish.

Blocks for this baby girl quilt, I fell in love with the fabrics and just had to make it.  I lack only three blocks (they're not all pictured below) to be able to put the top together.  

This pink bear is here to represent its brethren, yellow bear and blue bear, who have not yet been born.

And I haven't even finished cutting out pieces for my friend's wedding quilt!  Yikes!

Not to mention the almost finished baby quilt for my nephew, E.  I'm so close though!  It only lacks a binding!

And this quilt top, pieced by the grandmother of one of my mother's friends.  It's so gorgeous, but I can't quite figure out how I'm going to make the setting pieces without a template.  Suggestions welcome.

Phew!  I'd better get to work!


  1. If only your "Momo" (my mom) and my "Momo" (your great grandmother) could be here now to see your work! They would be so pleased!!!
    Love you Mallory!
    Mom (E and E's Momo)