Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slow Starts

This picture is totally unrelated to the following post, but I had to start with that face.  One day, she's going to get married and I'm going to make sure that face is all over the slideshow that they always play during the rehearsal dinner.  You know, the slideshow that's supposed to commemorate/illustrate someone's life up to that point, but is in fact a weapon used to highlight every embarrassing moment the bride or groom has ever experienced.  Still, not as bad as the toast I heard a groomsman give once, telling the story of how the groom had previously dumped the bride but then changed his mind six months later.  Some things just aren't necessarily appropriate for a wedding toast.  


I'm definitely getting off to a slow start in 2011.  I got back from Arizona on the same day that classes started and haven't done a single thing since except attend one class, where all we had to do was read over the syllabus and introduce ourselves.  God bless grad school.  :)  My next class is on Thursday, so I do need to start reading for it, but aside from that all I've been doing is watching netflix instant and hanging out with my grad school friends that I didn't get to see over the break.  

I found a fantastic tv show from the 80's called 21 Jump Street with a young Johnny Depp.  TV, the 80's, and Johnny Depp... three of my favorite things.  Even better, Season 1 came out in 1987.  Have you ever noticed how many great things came from 1987?  Some Kind of Wonderful, Moonstruck, Baby Boom, The Big Easy, and, you know, me!  Those are all films I love, by the way.  Dennis Quaid, Diane Keaton, Cher.  And who isn't rooting for Watts over Amanda Jones? 

I'll leave you with that. :)

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