Saturday, September 17, 2011

Homemade Christmas

I watched the new Jane Eyre with a friend on Thursday night.  I highly recommend it.  I briefly entertained doubts about Michael Fassbender's ability to capture the brooding deliciousness that is Mr. Rochester, but he came through in the end.  And Jamie Bell as St. John Rivers?  Madness, but it worked.  I had the best time hanging out with a new friend, and while we were watching Project Runway after the movie, we did a little knitting together.  :)  So we decided that we're going to institute a Thursday night Craft Night.  Our first project will be Homemade Christmas.  For a while now I've been wanting to transition to homemade gifts, decorations, and treats for the holidays.  Maybe if I start now, I can actually finish a few projects before December 25!!

A new Michael's just opened near my apartment complex.  (I could literally walk there if it didn't involve fording a drainage ditch and climbing through shrubbery.)  The grand opening is tomorrow, but I went for a look around today.  It is AMAZING.  I just wandered around in a stupor.  And for a treat, I bought this yarn and these bamboo needles.  I'm going to turn it into my first Homemade Christmas project.  Hopefully it will make a nice gift for someone special. :)

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