Friday, April 23, 2010

4 Days Left of Internship!!!

As much as I've been ready for a break and for graduation, I'm starting to get bummed about leaving the kids! They've had a huge impact on me and my teaching style this semester, and it'll be tough to leave them. Next week is a 4 day week due to a weather day, so only 4 more lessons with 1st block, which is the class I've been teaching since January. I'm thinking about having a little celebration during BCN on Friday (the tv show BCN usually plays for about 30 minutes) and then we spend the rest of the class period in the library. Plus on Tuesday I'm going to bring cookies and treats for each class because our This I Believe essay is called "Baking by Sense and Memories" and I wanted to show my kids that I care about them. :) So hopefully, next week will be a good week. I won't lie, 1st block has been the class that's given me fits before, but I've learned so much from them and I'll truly miss them after I leave.

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