Sunday, June 13, 2010

La, la, la la la la

Week 1 of Knowledge Adventure Camp at Vinemont is officially over.  We went to the Aquatic Center on Thursday and the kids had a blast.  I wish I had some pictures, but of course I can't post pics of the students and without them it would be pretty boring. :)  The zoo is coming up though, and I can't wait to post a few pics of that if I have the opportunity to take some.  

Funny story:  So I'm standing in the breezeway at Vinemont the other day, and W. is already lined up while we're waiting on the other kids.  He starts asking me questions as we wait, and one of them was how old was I.  So I said, 22, and then he asked if I was married.  So I said no, and THEN he said, "You're too old to not be married!"  I almost fell down, guys, it was so funny.  I'm just glad I didn't laugh until later.  :)  

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