Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lone Star Dreams

A few days, okay... weeks, OKAY... months! ago one of my mom's friends sent me an unfinished, hand-pieced quilt top that her mother began a long time ago and never finished. She has several of her mother's quilts and would love to be able to use this quilt top as well, so she asked me to finish it for her. It's a gorgeous, scrappy Lone Star.

Problem: I don't know how to find the measurements for the setting pieces. 

I posted a question to my favorite forum Quilting Board and received so many helpful answers from fellow quilters!  One member even offered to send me a sample block to see if it fit my Lone Star!  I've been "lurking" on the site for several months, but I feel so encouraged by the response that I received that I plan to keep asking questions, and maybe even answer some when I feel that I can help.  

I think I know what you're saying...

"Don't give anyone your name/location/personal information!!!"  That's what my mom would say.  :)  Which leads me to my next point/soapbox...

As a future English teacher, one of my main goals for the classroom is to teach students to communicate more effectively using up-to-date technology.  I feel that it is far more important to give students access to things like online forums and social networks and show them how to use them responsibly and safely than it is to block them entirely.  If they're cut off from these forms of communication, they'll never learn to use them effectively and to navigate the world we live in today.  

That being said, no Mom, I will not give out my name/location/personal information.  :)

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  1. Thank you Mallory for not giving out your name/location/personal information! You're wonderful to your mom/me!
    Mary's quilt top is beautiful. Hope you'll receive the information necessary to finish the quilt. I know you're excited about it!