Monday, August 2, 2010

Dancin' on the boulevard...

Haven't found the magic attic yet, but I do have a new apartment!!!

Dad, Mom, and Rob helped me all day Saturday and Sunday to get everything moved into my new place.  It's still a work in progress, but with their help I was able to get so much unpacked, not to mention all of the heavy furniture up a flight of stairs and into the apartment!  I feel so at home already, and I know once I get the rest of my stuff put away this will be the perfect apartment for me.  :)  Plus, for the next few weeks my very good friend E.O. will be living downstairs and across the hall from me!  We've already had a movie night, we watched Audrey Hepburn in Wait Until Dark, ate popcorn and sour gummy worms!, and had such a fun time.  Last night we went outside and worked on routine for the high school colorguard that she's working with this summer.  She's moving out soon, but I'm so glad we'll get to be neighbors for a little bit.  :)  

Below are some BEFORE pictures, so please don't judge me by the mess, lol.  And after that, I've got one or two after pictures of the living room for you.  The kitchen and bedroom will take a little longer.  :)

Here's my dining nook!  I'm so glad that I have room for my dining room table again.  (We had Five Guys for lunch on move-in day).

I've got a huge huge living room!  And Aunt Janice and Uncle Linton were sweet enough to loan me an entertainment center and comfy green chair...

that just happens to match THIS couch and coffee table that traveled from Rob to Mere and Matt to me!!!

There's a cute little kitchen...

a good sized bedroom...

and now, my absolutely favorite thing in the whole apartment...

a washer/dryer!!!!!

And now, for at least a few after pictures...

my living room!

P.S. Rob put that bookcase together for me AFTER helping carry EVERYTHING upstairs. :)
And Mom hung my black frame (the one with the mirror) so high that I can only see my forehead.  She tries.  Hehe.  

And my dining nook (ignore the kitchen, still messy)...

More soon!


  1. Everything looks great in the photos! The book case filling up with books looks perfect! I think the black/white frames and photos over the sofa will be a great thing to do!
    Rob and I had a great time with you.

  2. OK...what were the names of the five guys you had over for lunch on your first day back in T-town?

    Seriously, everything looks just GREAT! See you soon!