Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My first official day of graduate school is tomorrow!!!

I am VERY excited about this semester, I've got the best GTA assignment I could possibly have and I'm hoping that my classes aren't too intimidating.  I've already met quite a few of the other graduate students in the program, and I've found some who are taking the same courses as me.  It will be nice to see some familiar faces at the first class meeting.  I've printed out the readings for my first two classes and I think the earth's population of trees is smaller as a result, so it's probably time to return those 1-inch binders and get some 3-inchers.  

This is my last free day for a while, so I'm doing some laundry and running some errands.  Tonight I'll head home to go to H.H.S's colorguard practice, and either spend the night or come on back.  I've also been crocheting a lot lately, which I haven't done in a while, so here's a sneak preview of my latest projects.  :)

I found a pattern for the cutest little teddy bear online at bernat.com/home and decided to try to make one for my niece Erin's birthday.  I'll put it in the birthday box that I'll mail to Arizona.  I got the body and legs done last night, and since it worked up pretty quickly I'm thinking about making a few more.  

This is one panel of an afghan that I've been working on for, well, ever!  I finally got it back out and put a few more rows in a few nights ago.  


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  1. Mallory! What a kick to see your little bear. Erin will LOVE it. I'm into crocheting right now too...making hats, etc.. I'll blog on it soon. Fun to find your blog through your comment. Be sure to read "Same Kind of Different as Me"...a very very inspiring and interesting book. Hugs!